Tuesday, 28 July 2009


At the cutting of hay, Miss Regina grows gay
And embraces her favourite sport.
With her racket in hand, she now scours the land
(Somewhat more than good manners purport).
With a gluttonous greed for her favourite 'seed'
(Though that's not quite the type that she seeks).
She craves not for tennis, but that other menace -
And she hopes to be laid up for weeks.


  1. She should keep to a regular broomstick because if she falls off that new fangled standard lamp conversion jobby then she will be laid up for weeks. I hope she realises that once she has reached the end of the flex it will pull her up with a sharp turn
    Really whoever heard of tennis played on a machine?

  2. EEEeee by gum! The things you could hide up them dresses....brings back memories!

    I'm also sniggering at the word 'jobby'.

  3. I ar like a whiskey drink I like a vodka drink I like a lager drink I like a cider drink

    I like the songs that remind me of the good times

    I like the songs that remind me of the better times

    Oh! Danny boy

    I get knocked down ( better than getting knocked up, eh? ) but I get up again

    Passing the night away

  4. Sorry ... Was that 'passing' the night away, Professor? After that lot, I'd be doing something else!