Friday, 10 July 2009


Now there wuz I, thinkin I'd be clever! I only wondered why TFE's latest posts weren't showing up on my blog dashboard, until I realised that I hadn't registered on his blog as a follower.

RIGHT! Says I - just like that (nearly startled meself in the process) - I'll do that now!

So I goes along to TFE's blog, clicks a few buttons and - Hey Presto! There I am! Following meself! (And I thought he looked ugly from the back!)

Well, I am now following TFE as well (and sure, he looks a lot better from the back than I do (probably looks a lot better from the front as well) - BUT - I'm getting a bit dizzy cos I'm still following meself at the same time. I daren't press any more buttons, cos the last time I did that, me bum dropped off. See? - there it is on the floor, doubling as a magazine rack - I wish they'd make the Farmers Weekly a bit thinner, cos when I cough I can read the classifieds.

And this, boys and girls, is why you should never let old or silly people near a computer.

Here endeth a most valuable lesson.


  1. Hey Weevil,I read this and then checked if I could follow my own blog and it seems I can.I think I may start doing so and leave some really nasty comments to myself, just to wind me up.As for the magazine rack just be grateful it's the farmers weekly, we've got the Argos catalogue in ours!

  2. Ooh! My eyes are watering just thinking about it. Bloody glad we haven't got any bicycles in the household anymore! But be careful with this following business. Get carried away and you may end up having to take out an injunction against yourself. You could be a stalker!! But don't worry if you leave any REALLY nasty comments on your blog - you can always block them. I mean, you don't want just anybody chipping in, do you?

  3. You're coming on in leaps and bounds Weev - I daren't try to follow myself or anyone else come to that. I'm not nearly as cool as you think, but can be taught the odd trick. I wonder if Feck still has that Argos catalogue? I could turn it into an altered book!!

  4. I follow myself, and now live up my own bottom.

  5. I am SOOOOO glad I didn't have the ginger cake the last time I was at your house.