Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I hereby invite everyone in Blogland to go to the last but one comment on an old posting of mine "Will The Real Elmer Fudd Please Stand Up" dated 3rd July 2009.

Some cheeky gobshite (Steve4summinkorother) has left an advert for Limo Hire on my Blog!!!.

As you will see, I have left him with as ladylike a reply as I could manage for his cheek, but would dearly lovely everyone who reads this to click on the link that this twat has left and see if we can't make him think twice about this most unwelcome type of intrusion.


  1. TLW
    Appreciate how you feel but the knobber wouldn't care less I am afraid
    But by everyone visiting his site, unwittingly we would help to promote his site further up the Google search ratings, as your popularity, together with your blogging fiends popularity, will enhance his status, due to how Google and Blogger work.
    Far better to delete his comment and let him be the sh1t in the silent and then invisible minority

  2. I suspect you're absolutely right, but I couldn't resist just one teensy-weensy comment - after which no-one with any good taste would want to hire a urinal off him, let alone a limo! Serves him rights!

  3. Blog invaders,are they like them space invaders in ye olde pub?

  4. I'm going to tell MAB to hop onto his profile and give him a good trouncing.....

  5. Good on ya!

    PS: What's trouncing? Is that something that only grown-ups do? Cos I'm not growed up yet.