Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Killer Hamster

My daughter has a Hamster,
As thick as two short logs.
It barks at neighbours' children
And then attacks their dogs.

I asked the Hamster, "Why, my dear,
Do you behave this way?"
It looked at me - a bit like that -
But disinclined to say.

I tried again last Tuesday
This time, to my surprise,
It raised its fuzzy little head
And gazed into my eyes.

It then replied, quite timidly,
It said "I fear the worst ..."
"And that is why, before they move ..."
"I get mine in their first!".


  1. She should have called it Cato! Love it!

  2. Wonderful stuff! I can't believe you're Mad Aunt Bernard's sister... she's so down-to-earth and sensible! Respeck! Will Hames