Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Bumble Bee

I chanced upon a Bumble-bee
Who stung me. Not because
I'd upset him in any way ...
It just gave him a buzz.


  1. I nearly missed this little gem. You must have offended him in some way.

  2. Oh, that's right, Mum. You ALLLLWAYS take the other person's side .... (Aah! I bet that took you back a few years didn't it? I bet you miss us SOOOOOO much!)

  3. I got stung in the ear by a bumble bee when I was a kid and I've borne a bitter grudge against anything in yellow and black stripes since, and yeh they are sadists and just do it for the fun of it or some weird I'm gonna take one with me siucide pact.By the way are you the lesser of two weevils i wonder? You are as delightfully crazy as your sister MAB and your mum is cool,can I come over for Christmas?

  4. TFE: Yes it would be lovely to have you over for Christmas - you can help pour Mum's gin(s)(sss) and spoonfeed Dad his Prozac. By the way - there are FIVE of us - and we have all BRED!! - and we swarm upon our poor unsuspecting folks - well, it's safe now that Dad's given up his firearm's license (well he's going deaf, so there was little point in having a gun around the place if you can't hear the doorbell!).