Sunday, 10 May 2009


I really haven't the foggiest clue
Of what I'm now supposed to do.
In 'techno' terms, I am a freak
Who has not learned 'computer speak'
A dinosaur - il-litt-ur-rate,
And - I do not prevaricate -
I really am as thick as shite
In matters of the megabyte.
I'm told that 'blogging's all the rage -
I've taken 2 months to get THIS page!
But, hopefully, as time goes by,
With confidence I'll no doubt try
To add a photograph or two -
Now won't that be SUCH fun for you!
For just for now, I'm quite content
To know that I can now present
Each rambling and puerile find -
The cowpats of my turgid mind -
To you out there - my 'friends-in-need'
Your only hope? - You cannot read.
So, 'til the next litturry carneevil,
I'll remain,


The Lesser Weevil


  1. Oh dear - I now have two barmy daughters online!! If I was clever enough I could have made this comment in rhyme, but I leave all that to you! Can't wait for your next post.

  2. Dearest Older-Sister Weevil!
    Huge apologies for not having an Aunt Weevil on my blog. I will now find an appropriate photograph for you. With any luck, we can get our remaining sisters on Blogger, however, I reckon their normal photos should do nicely(!).
    May the grollies of heaven rain upon you,

  3. I protest in the strongest possible terms at the lack of sufficient stuff like this on Blogger. Don't just sit there... WRITE! And that goes for your potty sister too! May the bogies of a thousand quinges bedeck your antimacassars.

  4. Will - I am reaching for the antibiotics as I write. And you c'n keep ma cassars outta this - I'm a married woman!!