Saturday, 7 November 2009


The postal strike is OVER!!
WHOOPPEE!! Let's have some fun!

Let's rush out buying station'ry
And write to EVERYONE!

I'll write to Mad Aunt Bernard
Not seen her for a while -
I'll pop a squirrel in with it!
Now that'll make her smile.

And then I'll write to Uncle -
Old "Stinky", you recall -
His ear-trumpet's clogged up with jam,
He hears nothing at all.

And then I'll write to TFE -
And Mrs Eejit, too!
With all the gossip to catch up,
I'd fill a page or two.

I'll need a list - buy LOTS of stamps -
My God! I'll need a mortgage!!
No matter, I'll .... What's that you say?!


  1. Sod's law!... lol... nice poeting there weevil, I like the idea of writing to EVERYONE... I want to write to the whole world!

  2. Well, it was a bit of wishful thinking on my part. You see, I can't write at all at the moment - I've got a bone in my arm.

  3. Sorry to hear about the bone in your arm. You don't get any sympathy for that sort of thing, do you? Why do people always assume it has to be the funny bone? Thoughtless bastards! And how come nobody wants to discuss haemorrhoids these days?

  4. If it isn't this, it's that,and if it isn't that it's the other.You can walk to the post office though Weevo, so I'm lookin forward to my letter.
    Ps have the cartoon whorehouse sorted out your laptop yet?

  5. Will: It's dreadful how unsympathetic some people can be, isn't it? And don't talk to me about haemorrhoids! I only got the bone in my arm from trying to treat the cat's piles!

    TFE: It'd be different if I was partial to a bit of the other, but I'm completely halibut these days. As for this'n'that - I leave that to the younger folks. The cartoon whorehouse HAVE now sorted out my new craptop, just in time for me to e-mail them a bollocking for signing me up for an additional 2-year contract, instead of just extending the one I've already got with them. I'd write them a letter, but the postmen would probably go on strike again, knowing my luck. So I'll just sit here, fuming and spitting venom at everyone, like the sad old biddy I am.

  6. What a lot I've been missing since your blog title stopped appearing on my sidebar when you published a new post. You could always write to me you know, but you probably wouldn't get a reply as I'm too busy these days, reading other people's blogs.