Friday, 26 June 2009


By the time Flopsy Bunny
Had called to his Mummy
"Hey Mum! What's this thing on my head?"
She responded "Oh! Sorry! -
"We call that A LORRY"
But poor little Flopsy was dead.

And she'd TOLD him to keep an eye out for them.


  1. Lovely. Must find a small child to read this to immediately!

  2. Pretty! If you were a normal sister I would say 'Has the sun not got his hat on today, hun?'. But as it's you, Weev, I know from your warped and sick style, that life is good!
    P.S. If you see any of these former rabbits in a flat state anywhere near you, could you scrape one up? I'm having trouble with a neighbour and it might come in handy. x

  3. Ah! You too?! My only trouble with my neighbour is that the young trollop has come back! She's been on holiday for the last ten days and the difference has been remarkable. Other neighbours have been coming out and chatting - and even leaving doors open after dark! If you go outside now, you could hear a pin drop. Sad ain't it? I'd find a nice curly badger to pin on her door, but she's got young children and they're very sweet - she must have nicked 'em from a trolley outside Tesco. Never mind, I'll try and find a nice crispy bunny or a curly badger for yours, shall I?

  4. Will, I wrote this specially for my grandchildren. They are genetically warped, just like their dear old granny.

  5. P.S. D'you want innie eyes or outies. Sorry.

  6. Innies if possible - she has a fear of funny eyes and I need maximum effect....

  7. Oh, well it's got to be outies on stalky sinewey bits then. Do I come across as a bunny-boiler? Cos I'm not - I always plop them on the George Foreman.

  8. A sad little p**t called Sid Dafters
    Once found a dead bat in his rafters
    So he trussed up its thighs
    And he poked out its eyes
    And he took it to work for his afters

    Good taste prevents me from putting that on my own blog, but since you've set the tone so beautifully, dear Weev, I couldn't resist joining in! Mwaaah!!

  9. I'm not sure I should continue to associate with you, but as I am laughing anyway I might as well stay awhile. You three bring out the worst in each other!!

  10. Don't we make a spectacularly gruesome threesome, me dears!! Thanks for that, Will. If is it pure lack of taste you need, you've come to the right place!

  11. If you three got together a new blog called The Greesome Thruesome it would save me the trouble of hopping from one to the other to see if you'd written anything new. At my age I can't afford to waste time - as it is I'm sure the government has devalued the hour - there aren't as many minutes in one as there used to be, and you only get a Tuesday once a month now.

  12. Mum, have you been on the gin again. We had a Tuesday last we ... Bugger! You're right! Bastards!! Quick, get Joanna Lumley's telephone number!