Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Now, wouldn't it be funny
If the men with all the money
All had suddenly turned runny in the head.

And with no stocks and shares
All your multi-millionaires
Would refuse to come downstairs, but stay in bed.

What if banks had empty tills
With the Manager on pills
'Cos he couldn't pay his bills out of the red.

And you couldn't get your pension
Or a dribble worth a mention
What with all the added tension, you'd be dead.

So let's show them that we love 'em
Only God could stand above 'em
Our resolve to serve will toughen (out of dread).

So, please hurry - do as I do
Take a bucket full of Cow-pooh
Make a large deposit - or two - 'nuff said.


  1. Poos gonna pay my overdraft? Wonderfully woven words Weevil weally well done.

  2. If it'll pay my debts, I'll go and put my deposit in now. It'll be in fifties....

  3. How did I miss this little gem? You must have sneaked it past my radar system.