Thursday, 31 December 2009


Today I wish to hijack my blog to wish my mate Will Hames a very happy 60th birthday. His barmy poems have kept us all amused for many hours and his sense of fun and silliness has spread a little sunshine over some fairly gloomy times. I only hope that now he has his bus pass, he can find the time to write some more - if you haven't seen his blog, then shame on you - you should have; so click the link on mine and enjoy!

So, Many Happy Returns, Will - and many, many more to come.

Oh .... and a Happy New Year to you also!


  1. By curious coincidence, this post is my 60th also!

  2. Ho there, Weev Minor!
    Many many thanks for thinking of me so kindly and for your uplifting contributions to the world of curative drivel. I don't know if weevils strigilate, but if they do, it just goes to show. Bless your little segments.

  3. Happy 60th to both of you! and many more Happy Birthdays for Will and posts for Weev.

  4. Will, if I ever possessed the ability to strigilate, then I wouldn't dare try it now; I'd probably put my back out or get arrested. Hope you had a good birthday.