Monday, 10 August 2009


At the end of what I think is the first ever Poetry Relay Blog in the world, I can only thank everybody for their marvellously silly input - I am SO glad I did this, it has been great fun, and I hope you'll all join me in another one soon.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to chip in, we started with a mysterious withered old man (Max Van Der Klimpt) who, it later transpired, was a Gestapo enemy agent. His mission (to steal top secret plans for a rocket) has failed and it is only upon closer inspection, that he finds he has, in fact, stolen a recipe book. Unfortunately, identified (partly due to the one false leg with two real feet attahced) and after a run in with the French Agent Michael Patti Felous (soon to be appearing in the West End play 'Tinker, Tailor, Yoghurt Maker'), he is undone - literally - on his own shears! Under his new identity as Maxine (and duly fearful of the mighty WI (who are, as we all well know, more fearsome than the Triads in drag) he becomes a dab-hand at victoria sponges and Chair'woman' of the local WI. But his troubles are far from over. Challenged by British Super-Operative - Skippy Doo Mc Fergus (now reduced to working as a Retail Spy at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol) - as well as the Rozzers, in the form of delectible detectible Edith Sergeant, he ...... But we don't want to give you that! You just have to read it for yourselves, won't you! And please feel free to join in with the next one - the more the merrier - the dafter the better!

I have arranged a little comemorative something for those bloggers who took part, unfortunately, I've cocked it right up and my computer hasn't got a clue what it is and so won't let me import it to my blog. I'll be in touch when I've worked it out. Many thanks for a great laugh!


  1. Best fun I have had with me kit on for ages
    Thanks for the idea and privilege to have taken part
    I'm sure I can get us all in somewhere for a well deserved break
    but I can't spell sani, sannitor, sainterium
    Bollocks! Nuthouse.

  2. I was just going to see if it was still going, but am quite tired this evening and don't know whether to be pleased or relieved that you have brought things to a close. It was good fun and I'll have another go.

  3. Yes, I am tired and it shows!! I meant to say sad or relieved!!

  4. Sounds like funn, Less Weavo, I will join in next time :)Thanks for all your well wishes, kind words and concern.You are very kind, it is a comfort and a good feeling when even un-met blogals worry for you.I hope you and yours are all well and escape this current, and all other, flu, especially your grandson. Best wishes and thanks,Peadar.

  5. Ps. Tanx mucho for my richly deserved fabulous blog award, I will treasure it always and forever or till 5th Sept 2010,whichever is the soonest.

  6. How fabulously ungrateful!! Shame upon you, sir!! I would have kept it at least until next Tuesday, myself!!