Tuesday, 4 August 2009

THE BOY ... 2

The boy stood on the burning deck
Could stand the heat no longer
He hopped into the nearest cab
And buggered off to Tonga


  1. Ah! There you are

    The boy leapt from the burning deck
    Cos the flames did make him yelp
    Ouch! Cor Blimey! Flipping heck!
    These bloomers are no help

    They really are uncomfortable
    Affecting now my balls
    Your underwear is too combustible
    I’ve tried now all your smalls

    Hot flames burned through his underwear
    The elastic then went twanga!
    For his manhood he did fear
    Should he buy a lace string tanga?

    I’ve tried ‘em all, says he
    Bloomers, camis and French thrillers
    Even open crotch to help me pee
    Yet worse still, the dreaded passion killers

    Tonga bound by Ford, driven by TL Weevil
    Sat sitting there all aloof
    When a brief spark set alight the petrol or the diesel
    Her wheels now gone, disappearing with a wwhooofff!

  2. Ah! Here I am at last.

    In recognition of your splendid efforts I have awarded you and award type award

    So get off yer backside and come fetch it

  3. The boy stood on the burning deck,
    the matches were his, the little feck,
    and making sure he did real harm
    took also the battery from the smoke alarm.

    Not as good as yours Weevil and genuine thanks a million for all your constant warm wishes and humour when I was at my worst, I really know they helped for sure :)
    Ps. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's man and superman the assemblage years.TFE's art in the community project and worldwide tour winging it's way to Weevil, soon!

  4. Hee I am!! I bin hidin! Did you see me?! I wuz wochin you! Actually, I lie. I've been in bed pretty much since supper yesterday with a migraine. But it's gone! HA! And what a lot of goodies I've missed!

    Professor: You know more about ladies underwear than I do, which is just as well, cos I'm really a bricklayer. But I love the poem. Thank you.

    TFE!!!! How lovely to see you back in your usual bestest form, all ironed and everything!! I love the poem - smoke alarms on a King's Ship! Whoever heard of such nonsense. Everybody knows they had fire extinguishers in those days. That's where all the foam comes from down at the beach! Silly!!

    I shall look forward to Superman's arrival with baited breath - I hope he doesn't drink or get rowdy. As you can tell, we are a sober household. Well, after 4 in the morning, anyway.

  5. I'm thinking of buggering off to Tonga too, if we don't get some decent weather before the leaves start dropping off the trees. I must ask you not to leave such strange comments on my blog - I lead a double life you see! On my blog I am marginally sane and respectable and try to keep those who read it unaware of my other side!!

  6. Sorry, Mum! I can't remember what I put now. Was it rude? I'd better go and have a look ..... No. I didn't say "Bum" or anything! I was simply comparing my creative experiences and dilemmas in trying to create Julia's present. It was very innocent, I thought - ish.