Friday, 18 September 2009


I couldn't resist having another go at these, as they are just too good to pass by:

On a church notice board: "Prepare to meet thy God" to which someone had added "evening dress optional"

"Racial prejudice is a pigment of the imagination"

"Roget's Thesaurus dominates, regulates, rules, OK, alright, adequately"

"Blow your mind - smoke dynamite!"

"Celibacy is not an inherited characteristic"

"Sudden prayers make God jump"

Outside a farmer's gate "FREE ACCESS" with a little note underneath "Until the Bull charges"

On a car park pay & display board "God isn't dead - He just couldn't find anywhere to park"

Condom machines seem to provide the best ones, such as ...
"Not for sale during French postal strike"
"The worst chewing gum I ever tasted"
"Subject to VAT if used on the premises"
"Buy me and stop one"
"Buy two - get one jump ahead"

To the question "Is there any intelligent life on earth?" someone had written "No. I'm only visiting"

Outside London's Smithfield Livestock Market "DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS" with the small print "They're all dead"

"Education kills by degrees"

"Don't let the goverment stop hire education"

"BILL STICKERS WILL BE PROSECUTED" .... "Bill Stickers is innocent"

On a University notice board "LECTURE THIS EVENING ON SCHIZOPHRENIA" to which a student had added "I've half a mind to go" before another added "I'm in two minds myself"

"THE FUTURE IS FEMALE" "Unreliable, full of broken promises, pretty to look at, but horrible to face"

Written at the very top of a urinal wall "If you can aim this far, you should be in the Fire Brigade"


"I'm a fairy. My name is Nuff. Fairy Nuff"

On the wall of a Datsun dealership "Buy Blitish"

"I thought clap was a form of applause until I discovered Smirnoff"

"It's no good looking for a joke. There's one in your hand" on the inside wall of Gents toilet

And on another one "Christine. If you're reading this. We're through"

"Last Tuesday's meeting of the Apathy committee has just been canceled"

"Be alert" "Your country needs lerts"

And last, but not least, my favourite sickie ... "Texans are living proof that Indians screwed Buffaloes".

I've got to stop here, otherwise I'll be going all night!

PS: Click on the photo at the top of this post, to see an enlarged view. It's really quite a clever one (painted on 'the wall' in Palestine by a Bristol based Graffiti Artist called Banksy. It's really worth just typing his name into Google Images to get an idea of what he does. His work comes in different shades of thought provoking, political, outrageous, very funny and downright wicked. It's also a lot cheaper than buying one of his books!


  1. I love wit, though I couldn't eat a full one
    I used to have a black tee shirt with the Roget's one on it
    Making people laugh or smile, especially in troubled times, is a generous gift.

  2. I love T shirts, if only for their capacity to make people laugh. Many a dreary day have I been plodding through town, to be faced by some little witticism that catches you unawares causing you to laugh out loud. It's dreadful when you're on your own. You look a complete pillock. That was where I first saw the "SAVE TREES - eat beavers" slogan. Having been unable to stop myself from laughing, I couldn't even say to the chap, I love your T shirt, as his wife had seen me laughing and was glaring at me.

  3. wonderful...giggling as I type, thanks!

  4. Very chuckle-worthy Weev. Thankyou for posting them.

  5. Nice one's Weevo,Banksy does some cool stuff including the one you've posted.There's another fella called Blek le Rat who was an influence on Banksy.Wish they lived round here our Graffitti is terrible!

  6. My brother recently bought one of those books.. and I did think.. "ooohhh.. the irony!".. even the subversive underground needs a bit of blatant selling, ... the world's feck'd!... on a side note, we do a nice line in hippies.. authentic, rose be-spectacled and everything!.. going cheap.. end of era sale... :-)

  7. My son came home the other day wearing a T-shirt that said, "My social worker says I'm special" but I think my favourite ever has to be "I've lost my virginity, can I have yours please?" As ever, your blog's a delight to fossick in. Bless your little cotton support hose.

  8. I like 'Man invented fire - Woman taught him how to play with it.'

  9. I had no idea YOU were the "Lesser Weevil"! You're just as daft as MAB! I'll be back soon!


  10. I am indeed the Lesser of many little Weevils - ask my Mum!